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Apparel Manufacturers Profit Handbook - eBook Version

This is the eBook Version in convenient PDF form so it can be read anywhere.

Written by people who know factories and how to make them profitable. You will get useful tips and techniques you can actually use immediately. Inside you will find:

  • Hundreds of great ideas you can use to improve your own factory's efficiency.
  • Dozens of resources to help you 
  • Insights and revelations that could just change the way you think about your factory
  • How to set up the systems, processes and flows correctly in your Factory

The Handbook covers the History of Scientific Manufacturing Methods right through to the Lean Manufacture paradigm that is currently changing supply chains around the world.

 The content is unapologetically aimed at 'profit', since it is the prime driver for change and prosperity around the world.

This book should be read by:


  • Garment Factory Owners, Shareholders or other Stakeholders
  • Garment Factory Managers and Supervisors
  • Non-Garment factories where profits depend on production lines
  • Operators and team members who want to play a larger role in their site
  • Anyone interested in helping others become more productive: Aid Agencies, Consultants etc.
  • Experts without a manufacturing background who need to understand the difficulties in production


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